No. 4459

The chemical dumbing down of citizens administered in food, drinks and medication and vaccination, into the air, water supply and genetically modified plants, added to the daily propaganda-soup of petty facts, boulevard-news and TV-violence are making people utterly stupid. The aim to achieve: A steadily growing number of people with a lower IQ – as a deliberate architectural measure of social engineering. This leads directly into insanity, a common festival of ignorance and a fertile ground to be ruled by angst. It also leads automatically and compulsory to solutions by force or war only.


Food poisoning, mercury derivates addition, vaccines increase autism. Medical drugs, continuous radiation, excess fluorides in water and toothpaste, high sugar content and a host of concealed additives in food that are poisonous too – et al. This leads up to an El Dorado for profits within only two generations, leading to a an increasing part of the population consisting of highly aged, highly dumb high rollers with the propensity to spend any amount of money with regard to their health issues. The rest of the population may dim along artificially nursed and stuffed.


– Bended financial reality –

– Demented social reality –

–  “Groomed” health reality –

– Fragmented judicial reality –

– Augmented political reality –